Q) I lost a filling or I broke a tooth, what can I do until I get in to see Dr. G?
A) If the tooth is not painful, just keep the area clean until your appointment. If the “hole” is very large but not painful, you can fill it with temporary filling material found at any pharmacy or drug store. If the tooth is painful, do not put anything inside as it may make the pain worse. You may have an abscess or an exposed pulp and need to get in to see Dr. G as soon as possible.

Q) I just had a filling and now my tooth is sensitive. Why is that?
A) Having a filling done is really having surgery on your tooth. The tooth needs time to heal. Hot, cold, and sweet sensitivity are normal following a filling appointment. Baby the tooth for a while. Brush with warm water, and take over-the-counter pain medicine if needed. If the filling feels high, or your bite is off, call the office right away, as you may just need an adjustment. If the bite feels right but the sensitivity is not improving after a few weeks, make sure to call for a follow-up appointment.

Q) I have dentures. Why do I need to see the dentist?
A) First, you want to have an annual oral cancer screening. Most oral cancers are curable if caught early!
Second, dentures and partials are just like any other appliance. They suffer from wear and tear and need regular maintenance. Sometimes they just need a little TLC to clean off plaque deposits and sometimes they need relines or to be remade for best fit and performance.

Q) Do you take my insurance?
A) We do accept most insurances. Samantha, our office manager, is a genius and would be happy to bill your insurance for you. Let her know and she can even find out beforehand if what you need is a covered procedure. Often times the insurance companies will provide an estimated out-of-pocket expense too.

Q) My little one needs to come in for treatment but is very scared. Can you help?
A) We love to see the little ones and help get them through their appointments. We provide conscious sedation techniques such as nitrous oxide to help them relax at no extra charge. We may prescribe medication or ask that you have their pediatrician prescribe medication if there are special needs. We provide the same TLC for our nervous grown-ups too!!

Q) What age do you see children?
A) I love to see kids as soon as they start getting teeth, usually around the age of one. We try to make it a fun, educational visit, and parents are always asked to be in the room with their children. Hopefully, the little one can join our cavity-free club!!

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