Extraction  Post-op

Post operative instructions after extractions

There are five conditions we want to manage following an extraction to promote fast healing. Things to remember are NO SMOKING, no sipping through a straw, no carbonated beverages and no vigorous rinsing. Nothing hot until the numbness wears off and have a soft diet for the first four days or so. Most importantly, allow yourself some time to rest. You just had a part of your body removed, give yourself some time to heal.

1) Infection: If an infection is present or suspected, Dr. Gierucki will place you on an antibiotic. Please follow the directions provided. If you have a reaction such as itching, hives or swelling, stop the medication immediately and call Dr. G.

2) Pain: Most of the time pain medication is prescribed. Please take it as directed for optimal results.

3) Swelling: Post-operative swelling, even bruising is common following dental surgery. Placing an ice pack or even a bag of frozen veggies wrapped in a hand towel and applied to the area will help tremendously. Medication such as motrin or aspirin will help as well and may have already been prescribed.

4) Bleeding: Bleeding is normal as there had been a blood supply to the tooth or teeth that had been extracted. Pressure needs to be applied to the wound to get the clotting started, sometimes as long as 45 minutes at a time. If an infection is present or the patient has been taking blood thinners, either prescription or over the counter, bleeding times may persist. We supplied you with some extra gauze. Please get the gauze damp and double fold so it is small enough to fit over the affected area. If many teeth are missing, several pieces of gauze may be needed to apply enough pressure to the area. Make sure the gauze is damp before placing so the blood will not stick to it. or use a damp tea bag. Tea has tannic acid and constricts the blood vessels, assisting in clotting.

5) Dry socket: A dry socket develops when the clot falls out of the socket. It is raw bone exposed to everything in the mouth. It is very painful and can take several weeks to heal. It takes 4 days for a dry socket to develop following an extraction that is why you need to baby the area for several days.

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